Apple’s Urban iGems: Maybach Magazine x Hoodgrown Magazine

Apple is almost always on the mark with what’s new in technology.  People ask which apps are great to have on their devices.  For anyone with an Apple product, this is especially for you.

Tablazines, a new media company spearheaded by Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian) and Chris “Cartel” English, are giving Apple product owners more to choose from by producing digital publications designed for the iPad (I & II), as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Their first publication, HoodGrown Magazine, launched in December 2010.  The digital publication comes out monthly and continues to rapidly gain readers and app downloads.

Tablazines is pleased to announce the launch of their second publication, Maybach Magazine.  While both publications are urban lifestyle magazines, Maybach is dedicated to informing, entertaining, educating and inspiring progressive African–Americans. While Hoodgrown focuses on music and entertainment,  Maybach’s editorial content highlights the best in politics, entertainment, beauty, fashion, health, fitness and travel.  “African Americans seem to have a disconnect with certain older urban publications,” said Chris English, publisher of Maybach. “We’re launching on a new and exciting platform and hope to attract a younger set of readers who will hopefully grow with us.”

Maybach Magazine is available as a free download in the iTunes App store:

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