In My Ear: Christina Elizabeth x “U Ain’t Impressin’ Me”

Giving a voice to a lot of emotion and feelings that women deal with on a daily, Christina Elizabeth is lettin’ them know “U Ain’t Impressin’ Me”.  Christina Elizabeth is a 23 year old up and coming singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas.  She’s been writing since the age of 12 and comes equipped with a voice to accompany the lyrics.  Developing her songwriting over time, she started to put her lyrics to music.  A self-motivated hard-worker,she taught herself the “ins and outs” of the studio.  Now at the age of 23, she’s ready to show the world what she has to offer.

This song, “U Ain’t Impressin’ Me” is an ode to the dudes who seem to always want to “Holla” but have nothing much to offer. They think they do, but sometimes us women have to remind them that they don’t. This tune is actually one that can be played at high volume in the whip, crusin’ with the windows down or loud with the bass bumpin’ in the club. Either way, it’s noddin’ my head this morning.  Take a listen…  Christina Elizabeth – U Ain’t Impressin’ Me

You can check out her Reverbnation page here and follow her movements on Twitter @xtinalizzy Let her know what you think of the song.

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