What tha Lady Likes: NASTY Nas x RTB 2011

Rock The Bells always has a moment.  That moment for the New York City 2011 show belonged to none other than Nasty Nas.  He closed the show and gave it the ending it needed.  With AZ in tow for “Life’s A Bitch”… A Beat battle with 2 of the hottest producers, Premier and Pete Rock… Taking it back to the beginning with MC Search…Bringing out Akinyele…Tributes to Guru,Big L and J Dilla, his set was the best of the evening.

Watching Nas perform brought me back to the day I bought Illmatic and fell in love with his style.  Perfoming the Illmatic album in its entirety was the best thing that could have happened.  He is definitely talented, underrated and he does what he does effortlessly.  No fluff and stuff .  No glitter and glitz. Just Timbs, jeans, shades and true talent.  Great to see him doing his thing and hopefully this will lead him to bring us more music.  Video is not yet available but as soon as it is, it will be here.

He did all this while still looking ever so sexy. Jeans, Timbs and a Tee… That’s all he needs.  Simplicity is key.  He had women scaling the backstage scaffolding and fixing their makeup backstage.  Meanwhile, they were all clueless to his music because not once did their heads nod.  They simply checked phones, watches and asked when his set would be over.  Shout Out to the groupies.

His love for Hip Hop is evident through his music and his performance exuded that last night.  He made me fall in love with Hip Hop all over again.

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