Marc Anthony says… “Cheating? No Way!” (Have you seen the Hawthorne Scene?)

I saw the episode of Hawthorne that preceeded the break-up announcement of Jen & Marc and the start of the Will & Jada’s separation rumor (which they deny).  Let me just say that Jada and Marc looked awfully comfortable and cozy and even I had to fan myself.  It was definitely a scene of love.  Perhaps that’s what sparked the rumor that they were having an affair.

It looked real….

However, in an intimate interview on Nightline, Marc Anthony adamantly denied rumors of cheating on Jen with Jada and anyone else and simply couldn’t pinpoint what the problem was.  He did say he was sad… And he loves Jennifer… She’s a wonderful woman… “It’s all good.””These things happen.”

Really? Is it now?

According to sources close to the couple, Marc was a bit obsessive, jealous and controlling. And let’s not forget the constant rumors of him cheating… And the fact that he was probably seeing Jennifer when he was still married to Dayonara. Hmmmmmmm……

As this is a multiple failing marriage for both, it is hard to pinpoint what went wrong.   Lopez paints a partial picture in her Vanity Fair interview by admitting that “Marriage is tough…” “It’s hard…””We try. We try.”

Perhaps we’ll never know.  Here’s the interview. You be the judge…

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