Jay & Bey: Hip-Hop Grows Up At the VMA’s

For those sleeping under a rock, Jay and Beyonce stole the VMA’s yesterday with their announcement.  They managed to keep the news under wraps and shock the world with news of a little “Hovito” on the way.

First, Beyonce blatantly told MTV on the Black Carpet.  For those that missed that announcement, she performed “Love On Top” in a baggy Tuxedo costume, attempting to hide the bump.  At the end, she undid the jacket, exposing and rubbing her belly for a cheezin’ Jay Z.  He saluted her. It was adorable!

This very public display of affection, very unlike Jay and Bey, says a lot.  Aside from killing the whole “Hoes and Hip-Hop” stigma last night, they made it okay to be in love, have a family and be a rapper.  Still making his music all these years, Jay had a relationship with a woman who became his wife. Did he have hoes, I’m sure he did but he was a husband when he needed to be and a rapper for work.  A lot of you rappers have it all twisted up and perhaps that’s something you need to examine.  I had a conversation with a lawyer to some of these rappers and he said… And I quote “The biggest misconception is that these new rappers think the life these rappers show is the life they lead. It’s all an act.  Their problem is that they are not focused on the music, but more focused on mimicking the lifestyle.”

He couldn’t have been more right.

If you missed the performance, here it is on MTV.com http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/684908/love-on-top-live.jhtml   She killed it as usual, belly and all!!

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