Free Download: J-Live “The Live Identity”

“The Live Identity” is on deck for your morning download pleasure.  Having a dope tracklist that I personally co-sign, this is one project that needs to be added to your music collection.  J-Live is giving you the first installment of the “Live Trilogy”, which is a collection of old, new and rare tracks by J… All dope nonetheless.  The first one, “The Live Identity” spans across his tracks from the 90’s (which is when I first met him) and even includes the first track off of his new project “S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability” which will be available in stores and on the web on September 27, 2011.

J will be celebrating this series in New York City at the legendary Mercury Lounge on August 23rd with Von Pea, Oddisee & Boog Brown.  10 buck cover guarantees a great night of music.

For those of you who need to become acquainted with his music,this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so.



1 The Bourne Live Intro 1:57
2 Can I Get It? 1:06
3 The Best Part 2:00
4 A Charmed Life 1:46
5 Walkman Music 1:17
6 Aaw Yeah 1:39
7 Feel Like Spitin’ 2:03
8 The Upgrade 1:57
9 Poetry In Motion 1:13
10 Talk About 2:24
11 Braggin Writes’ 2:36
12 I Say Peace 1:05
13 Brand Nu Live 2:05
14 Coming Home / Coming Home Remix 2:59
15 Vacation 1:07
16 Break It Down (Brady Version) 2:59
17 Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix) 1:43
18 This Is The Formula 1:32
19 Them That’s Not 1:59
20 She Said What? 2:22
21 Parts Unknown 1:40
22 Watch Sun Watch 1:22
23 Give It Up (from Think Differently) 1:41
24 The Truth 2:50
25 No Time To Waste / 9000 Miles 1:52
26 School’s In 1:10
27 Epilogue 2:53
28 Undivided Attention / Satisfied? 1:56
29 The Way That I Rhyme 2:44
30 Treadstone Outro 2:13

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