Jalen Rose Sentenced to 20 Days In Prison… Really Judge!?

Okay so…

Jalen Rose was arrested for driving while intoxicated back in May.  His Escalade veered off the road, nobody injured.  Ha had a few Martini’s with his lady friend and I guess they were just driving home.  Well, as a result of the accident, he got arrested and charged with a DUI.  The Judge, Hon. Kimberly Small, sentenced Rose to 93 days in prison… I repeat 93 days in prison.  Then she changed it to he had to serve a mandatory 20 and the rest in alcohol rehab programs and what not.  *blink* blink* Blank stare…

And ESPN, what do you have to say about this? Whatcha gonna do about it?

While I am not an advocate for breaking the law and I do NOT condone drunk driving, this was Rose’s first offense.  “I have been humbled and humiliated by this entire process,” Rose told the judge. “I have no one to blame but myself.”  When we look at the history of actors, athletes, and musicians who have gotten themselves in these predicaments, they all have different consequences but I don’t recall any as severe for a first offense.  Paris Hilton was arrested/picked up for this offense multiples times.  Did she ever get such a sentence, NOPE. She got a T.V. show and a perfume line.  Lindsay Lohan’s reckless ass is still walking around drinking and drugging.  Granted, she did go to jail but how many times was she in trouble before that had to happen?

The justice system is this country is truly twisted. Rose took full responsibility for his actions, has a clean driving record and does countless things for his hometown community including the opening of a Charter school there.  That should have accounted for something.  While Rose should have known better, this is not something he got caught doing numerous times.  Judge Small did make some valid points and she said that when she delivers a sentence she thinks about ways to deter others from doing the same thing… Hmmmmmm. I am not sure if I totally agree with that.   A LOT of other people who got caught in this same situation didn’t receive nearly a fraction of the punishment this man got.  The message here is clear folks…

Don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “Jalen Rose Sentenced to 20 Days In Prison… Really Judge!?

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  1. I think its extremely unfair to say “Suchandsuch got way less time for doing way worse” as a defense. I agree to that statement. But does that mean that J. Rose DIDNT get what he deserved? There’s nothing to complain about here, except to complain about how all the other sentences weren’t harsh enough. Where were you then? There may be a double standard, but you’re in support of the wrong side of that standard. Kudos to the judge for the sentence, kudos to Rose for being a man and accepting it. End of story.

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