Woman On The Verge: DiscoMakeupAire

Well… Who and what do you think is responsible for making so many people look so good? There are very few people who can go sans make-up but those that don’t, should definitely seek the work of this woman, Ariane Fuentes a.k.a. @DiscoMakeupAire.

Creativity, talent, ambition and a strong sense of self, Fuentes is a driving force in this business.  She has added her touch to a myriad of photoshoots and video sets, as well as worked the crowd in places like Webster Hall, (Fridays and Saturdays), Gold Money and Diesel.  She also worked with individual artists like Maggie Horn, MalucaMala, Roxy Cottontail, Jasmine Solano, Katie Diccicco, Jane Bang, Willitory, Blue, Xtreme and Toby Love, to name a few.

Growing up in NYC, Chelsea to be exact, Fuentes’ love for art was able to flourish.  She recently completed cosmetology school and continues her quest to make an impact. Describing her work as “Moving canvas’ that light up the beauty of everyone’s faces.”, her end results are one of a kind.  Many try to imitate but the beauty of what she does comes from her creative mind and that alone.  She has her own sense of style, doesn’t follow anyone’s mold and that brings a whole different element to the table.

She’s official folks! See her profile on StyleSeat.com  http://www.styleseat.com/DiscoMakeupAire?cpn=fbl  You can also check out her blog http://discomakeupaire.blogspot.com/ to see pictures of some of her work.  You can also take a look at her UStream channel for some makeup tutorial vids  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/discomakeupaire and when you are in need of her services, hit her up for pricing and scheduling at Ariane.fuentesdma@gmail.com.

Check Out Part 2 of one of her tutorials…

Video streaming by Ustream

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