Dave Chapelle: The Funny Man… Not So Much

A few weeks ago, Dave Chapelle popped up in New York City and gave a surprise performance… He was hellafunny and that performance spawned rumors of a comeback.  There is nothing more exciting than the thought of vintage Chapelle and the possibility of him making a comeback makes the world a better place.


Mr. Chapelle was slated to perform an hour long set at Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove Fundraiser in Miami over the weekend.  Given the fact that he had just killed his impromptu performance in New York and rumors of a new project had surfaced, fans were excited to see him perform.  What they expected and what actually happened were too different things.

Allegedly, Mr. Chappelle was not very funny at all.  He told minimum jokes, was tending to his cell phone the whole time and was going back and forth with an audience member which is something he rarely ever did.  There were times of awkward silence and he just looked at the crowd and sighed.  There were also reports that there was a heckler in the crowd and we all know Chapelle hates hecklers.  The reports coming from sources close to Chapelle are claiming that the heckler was the cause of the hour long disaster.

Really Chapelle… Hecklers?  With all the shots that you throw at people, you let some hecklers kill your set?

If Chapelle intends on making a comeback and has a new project in the works, he needs to go back, polish it up and come correct.  A half-ass Chapelle is nothing to look forward to.  There was hardly a time when Chapelle wasn’t funny so hearing this is heartbreaking.  Is this the beginning of the end for him? We’ll have to wait and see…

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