Who is DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown?

Bouncing around on the 1’s & 2’s is a woman by the name of DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.  Know who that is!?

None other than Erykah Badu, showcasing her skills as a DJ.  She kicked off her newest movement at the Key Club in Los Angeles for the Black Girls Rock and Soul Tour.

Yes… Ms. Badu is doing her thing and killin’ her sets in various cities across the U.S.  During the Los Angeles Film Festival, she announced that she will be releasing her first ever mixtape later this month.  It is a dance themed project and rumored to be super dope.  Beyond triple-threat status, Ms. Lo Down Loretta Brown was behind all of the mixing and production for this project.  She guarantees, and I quote, it will “melt any DJ’s face-off”.

Aside from showcasing her DJ’ing talents, Ms. Badu will be headlining the Rock The Bells 2011 tour (in place of Ms. Hill… allegedly) and on the playlist is the ENTIRE Baduizm album.  Now that’s dope.  Make sure to check her when she comes to your city, whether it’s on the 1’s & 2’s or for Rock the Bells.

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