Reality Bites: Can A Side Chick Really Win?

This post was inspired by a question asked by Cherry Martinez on 105.1, a radio station in New York City.

While the logical answer is no, taking a look at the life of a side chick may persuade a person to change their mind.  If a woman is involved with a man for sex, his money and no emotional attachment, then this is the perfect situation for her.  But if she starts to act human and catch feelings, at the end of the day, Can A Side Chick Really Win?

Relationships are tough nowadays.  Sometimes the thought of all the perks without the stress sounds ideal.  That is what a Side Chick is.  She gets the gifts, sex, vacations, dinners while the girlfriend/wife gets the drama, laundry, kids to take care of and alone time because her significant other is chilling with other women.  If you are a woman out for companionship and no feelings then this might be ideal for you.

If you are looking for a relationship, then this isn’t going to work for you.  Being a side chick to a man that has a girlfriend, wife, domestic partner, leaves no room for emotions.  And if you are giving this man what he wants without requiring anything extra, he’s not leaving his situation.  He has the best of both worlds.  A man who has a woman who is his live-in care-taker and another woman whom he has to pay for what he feels he’s missing, is coming off lovely.  If you want to be in a relationship with all that it includes, this isn’t the right situation for you.  Not being able to have someone 100% is the wrong thing to settle for.  A lot of us women do, in hopes that things will change and they never do.  And if they do…

You can almost guarantee that the man who leaves his girlfriend, wife, domestic partner, for his side chick will most likely do the same thing to any woman he’s with.  If a woman is smart, she’ll identify that and when he’s ready to settle down, leave his ass. She’ll put her feelings aside and say NO! The heartache she’ll feel leaving him will go away faster than if she has to deal with a cheater or side chick.  If that happens…You know what, the side chick won!  And all he’s going to do is find another woman to be with.  Chances are, he won’t care either way.

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