Black Rob Doing Big Things: Video Shoot 7/10 x “Game Tested, Streets Approved 7/26”

Black Rob is plotting a major comeback. He was the center of attention at S.O.B.’s last week for his album listening event for “Game Tested, Streets Approved”. Due to hit the streets on July 26th, the album is definitely one to be watched. Black Rob severed ties with Diddy last year and went to work immediately. He is making himself comfortable at his new home with Duck Down Records.  During the Q & A he made it clear that the folks at Bad Boy were not knowledgeable about Hip Hop…  Definitely not surprising. 

The vibe on this album is not the usual raw and uncut Black Rob we are all used to from “Life Story”.  This project has a different feel to it.  Still for the streets, some of the tracks are a little more “laid back”, so to speak.  With production from Buckwild and Brooklyn vet Coptic, Rob is definitely on the right track for a comeback.  “Wanna Get the Dough” and “Ventilation” were a few of the crowd favorites.  While fellow Harlem native Jim Jones used the same beat for “Wanna Get the Dough”, he might wanna put that track to rest because Black Rob killed it.

While majority of the album is for the streets, there are a few tracks that take a different approach, one that we are not used to hearing from Black Rob.  “Celebration” is one of them.  “Celebration” is a summertime track.  Head noddable and lyric worthy, Rob steps outside of his usual box and creates something different.  While “Life Story” had some mellow tracks, Rob still put the edge to it.  Take a listen to “Celebration” below… 

Black Rob will be shooting the video for “Celebration” this  Sunday at Thomas Jefferson Park in Harlem. Duck Down Records has  a permit for the park, use of their BBQ grills & they will be setting up a classic Harlem BBQ party (burgers, hot dogs, football toss, basketball game, street car wash, water gun fights, etc.).

Black Rob is looking for a party atmosphere for the visual so please come out and participate.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so it should be a great shoot.

For those interested, Black Rob will also be available for press.

Sunday, July 10th
Black Rob “Celebration” Video Shoot
12PM call time
Address: Thomas Jefferson Park on East 111th street @ 1st Ave.

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