Reality Bites: *TSK TSK NYPD*

Their motto is to protect and serve however,  the NYPD is notorious for creating unnecessary chaos.  Last night at Tammany Hall, the “Monumental” album (Pete Rock, Smif & Wessun, General Steele to name a few) release party went down.  I’ve attended events for  “Monumental” prior to this one so I know the vibe.  Last night, I’m sure, was no different.  The videos that I woke up to showing what happened last night are disgusting and hard to watch.  Especially since a lot of the people involved, I know personally.  To hear about and see male police officers beating up women is disgusting and scary.  The NYPD were out in force last night, all for a fight in FRONT of the club (allegedly)?  They probably get called for issues at other establishments in that area and their response, I’m sure, was never as serious as it was last night.

There are several different video tapes  (see below) from all angles,  showing the same thing… The NYPD was out of line, order and control last night.   This is appalling yet not surprising.  There are a ton of situations where the NYPD used excessive force, injured and even killed people.  They don’t have to have reason but because they are cops, they always seem to over-utilize their power and then hide behind the badge.  Well the cameras were everywhere so I want to see how they worm their way out of this one.

As I understand that the NYPD have a tough job to do, they need to understand that treating people like humans is a job requirement.  The behaviors displayed in these videos by the people paid to “Protect & Serve” are inhumane.   Refresher courses in dealing with people and how to improve interpersonal skills should be mandatory for the NYPD.  Learning how to treat people without being biased to their skin color are MANDATORY.  And if officers can’t handle the task of “Protecting and Serving”  effectively then they should for surely find another career… ASAP

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