#TrustBlogga: NOHO Drink “Never Have A Hangover Again”

(**This Review is featured on the NOHO Official site… )

At some point, people wake up from a night of partying and wish for all kinds of remedies.  A Hang Over has to be the worst morning after feeling on the planet.  Well guess what…?

The remedy that we all “hang over” the porcelain bowl and pray for has finally arrived.  NOHO “The Hang Over Defense” Drink is designed to help you avoid those nasty hangover symptoms the morning after a good night.  NOHO Drink comes in a tiny 2 oz. bottle and is loaded with essential vitamins and other good stuff your body needs to breakdown the alcohol in your system.   Now of course, depending on your size and weight and how much you drink, will determine how many NOHO’s you should drink.  You need to drink NOHO before the party starts so that your body can stay loaded up with the essentials that you need.

Cleverly called “The Drink BEFORE You Drink”, NOHO Drink is definitely a product that is on Lady Blogga’s #TrustBlogga list.  Spotted all over California at Hot Spots like Coachella, “The NOHO Friends Tour”, Lupe Fiasco and Too Short events  and in Vegas in the hands of Lil John, NOHO is easily the best thing since candy.

Lady Blogga says… “I sampled NOHO Drink last weekend and after multiple red cups (the infamous red cup) of Jack and Coke and my NOHO, I woke up in the morning minus the dread.  No headache, no nausea… I carried on with my day like normal.”

It is summertime and there are a ton of BBQ’s, Industry Events, Parties, Weddings and Birthday events with flowing bars that need to be tended to.  Blogga will have a stockpile of this stuff in her purse.  She rarely endorses/recommends products but this one is definitely a keeper!  Click here and enter your zip code to find out where you can get NOHO Drink… FIND NOHO   While you’re at it, check out the NOHO Friends Tour’s latest Video…

“NOHO Friends Tour” Norcal video from NOHO Drink on Vimeo.

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