RichWierdo Presents: Summer 2011 x “Everything Else Is Regular”

Having dressed Chris Brown, Terrance J., J. Cole and B.O.B, the CEO of RichWierdo Clothing, Jeff Crayton brought his Summer and Fall 2011 line to Rebel NYC on Tuesday night.  With DJ O. Minaya and DJ Zeke on the 1 & 2’s, and performers ESSO and Par City, REBEL was the place to be.  The event was geared towards showing and supporting the clothing line which is currently on deck and making the fashion scene hot in New York City.  An ecclectic mix of music, art and wildlife sets RichWierdo Clothing apart from everybody else.  Creativity is key, especially in the fashion world and RichWierdo gives us pieces that make us look twice.  Check out the 2011 RichWierdo Look Book…


About Rich Wierdo Clothing

“RichWierdo is a lifestyle brand of the underdog yet over achiever.  Inspired by MusicArt, and Wildlife, this brand infuses with cut and sew techniques influenced from city night life. RichWierdo caters to the abstract and classic consumer (ABSTRASIC) who seeks a special garment with originality and irregularity. Rich comes from the GOD given elements within you that money can’t define.  Wierdo comes from the classification your confidence exceeds. When seen in RichWierdo Clothing, you’re making a statement of irregularity, and only your unique style will attract those who are interested in the next realm of fashion!!! RichWierdo Clothing is City-Savy and Fashion-Forward. RichWierdo will have you stand apart from the rest and compliment your style.  Everything else is REGULAR !!! “

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