Have You Seen It?: WHADAFUNK Clothing Co.

Fresh, new and different are usually characteristics of all things DOPE.  The WHADAFUNK clothing line definitely fit the description.  Created in the heart of Westchester County, WHADAFUNK Clothing Co. was designed on the premise that people should feel confident in their threads.   Streetwear is always attractive to the eye and has something that people will remember when they see it.  The styles and designs of the crews and tees do just that.  The definition of  WHADAFUNK is

"Whadafunk": (n) 1 An exclamation; an abrupt, verbal ejaculation 
 that describes the pervading sense that life is a 
 celebration of funk whether it be in a pair of gym 
 shoes or the back of a record crate or on the 
 canvas-like walls of the inner city.

 The WHADAFUNK Brand is a mirror image of the grind and work ethic of indie artists in New York City.  From the "On The Grind 24 Hours" Crewneck to the "Friends" tee (shown above) to the Exclusive Zippered Pouch, all of the items that WHADAFUNK have on deck are Lady Blogga friendly and highly recommended.  A personal fave is the "Hip Hop Honors Tee", that shouts all of the Hip-Hop Pioneers and "Groundworkers" if you will... Take a look at the merchandise, I am sure you will find something to your liking... Click here ------> WHADAFUNK or visit http://www.whadafunk.net  There are also a few mixtapes available for free download.  There's "No Slackin'" and "A-N-T Mixtape Volume 4" .  The links will be available here as well.  

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