Reality Bites: Dear Psychology Today…

For the people that are unaware of what article I am referring to, here is a cached screen shot. It has since been taken down but here is a link to the cached version….


Dear Psychology Today,

Your name indicates intelligence and insight but instead it exudes prejudice and stupidity.  To even waste time and print an article that indicates that races of women are “more attractive” than others is appalling.  The sad reasons you gave for why is on only adding ignorant fuel to the racist fires that already exist in this world.  The statement citing that Black Women are less attractive than any other women of other races has to be the funniest thing I heard my whole life.  And then you had time to create graphs and charts… Are you serious??

I don’t know what’s sadder… The fact that I myself read this crap or the fact that three thousand people on FaceBook liked it.

Women and men, regardless of race, are as attractive as their GENES allow.  As a black woman, my self esteem is in hella tact and I have men of all races attracted to me.  The author forgot that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and one person’s ugly is another’s beauty.  All this article did was give the idiots who need justification for dating outside their race some actual statistics.

The scientific bru-ha-ha about testosterone and what not is a smokescreen for the bias nonsense you are peddling.  I understand that this is a study from the author’s perspective but if this is generalized then the author needs to do a better job at conveying that.   Perhaps he/she needs to get a WordPress or a Blogger page and spew that bullsh^t over there.   If this is a reflection of “Psychology Today” then y’all might as well wear white sheets to work.   I also found it very disturbing that as I looked for a visual of your magazine cover for this post, all of the women on the covers that appeared in the Google search were…caucasian.  Oh wait… There was one Black woman with carrots around her neck.

I am beautiful, intelligent, funny, cool, interesting, and anything else I can think but best of all I AM BLACK…

Now go back and figure out why serial killers do what they do…



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