Go To Dinner & You Might Get Roasted

The setting was elegant.  The guests were plentiful.  President Obama  sure does know how to throw a party.  In attendance at the Correspondents’ Dinner last night was none other than Donald Trump, the man behind the production of Obama’s birth certificate.  He could not have expected to be in the President’s company and not get some “just desserts” for his idiotic behaviors as of late… But then again, he always has been an idiot so this is nothing new.  Seth Meyers and President Obama laid it on thicker than thick and last night during the Correspondents’ dinner speeches and it was hellafunny…. The President even got on the First Lady. Nobody was spared. The best of the best had to have been Obama’s birth tape… Simba’s birth from the Lion King… Equipped with date and time stamp.  In case you missed it, here are their speeches below. The speeches are in their entirety but you can fast forward at their leisure. Watching them the whole way through is highly recommended and funny!  While I enjoyed all the President’s comedics and watching Trump and his bad hair squirm, I am still paying a gajillion dollars a gallon for gas… Anyone? Anyone?

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