Women on the Verge: EvieRobbie Presents…

Meeting people in this industry is not hard.  Meeting ones with focus and talent is the hard part.  When I come across these kinds of people, I see it only fit to share their talent and focus as it may help them or someone else out here.

I first met Evita Robinson (Evierobbie) through the eyes of her camera as she produced “Lonely Toss”, an instrumental created by Jineses and features actors Akira and Nelson Estevez.  I was digging the track and she made me love it even more with her ability to capture the shot and the story the actors told.  I then started seeing her photography and realized that she was definitely talented and not just profiting off a hobby like some.

I was then introduced to her blog Nomadness TV where she takes us on a journey, her journey, to places around the world.  She captures the images and tells a story that will make you feel like you are actually there.  Through video and still pics, she takes you through India, Jaipur, New Delhi, Thailand… Places where some of us may never travel.  She allows us to see the visions through her lens.  Many of the photos from her trip are available for purchase on the site starting at 15 bucks.

Evie just came back from an excursion and the video and pictures can be viewed on her site.  She often has “Fundraiser Shoots” and right now, she is  Stateside doing just that.  Evierobbie is running a Donation Based Photo Sale for the Holidays!  Photos for that special someone, yourself, your portfolio, or your family!  Donation based means you PAY WHAT YOU WANT!  Suggested donation $50, but it is up to YOU! Clients have paid more and less!  The Sale Package includes 50 Digital Prints. High-Resolution CD, 5 retouches of your choice and 1 Location.

I highly recommend her still work, videography and if you need professional pictures, I suggest you see what she can do for you. Some of you need to step away from the camera phone to take your “professional” pictures.  And even if you don’t need her services, her work is awesome to check out on your time.  I guarantee, it will not be wasted.

Contact at evierobbiephoto@gmail.com or through the website nomadnesstv.com

Follow her on Twitter @evierobbie

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